UMSL's 7 Graduate Business Certificates

Are you looking for a way to advance your professional career and be more competitive in your industry? Then, our 18-credit-hour graduate certificate programs might be the perfect solution for you. Certificate programs are perfect for professionals wanting to specialize in a focused area of interest. And, in most cases, coursework can be applied later toward a full degree program.

General Admission Requirements

All certificate students must meet the same admission requirements as degree seeking students and, while attending classes, all certificate students must be subject to the same university rules and policies (e.g., course prerequisites, academic probation policies, grade point requirements, etc.) as degree seeking students. Students lacking required prerequisites or with a minimal mathematics background may need additional classes. 

To be admitted to a graduate certificate program, one must have:

Occasionally, students may be admitted on “restricted status” if they meet either the undergraduate GPA or the GMAT requirements but fall short on the other. In order to successfully complete a certificate program, students must have earned a 3.0 cumulative GPA in certificate classes and, unless otherwise specified, the certificate programs must be completed within six years of matriculation.

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