Graduate Certificate in Digital and Social Media Marketing

The Graduate Certificate in Digital and Social Media Marketing is an 18-credit-hour program designed to provide a focused, intensive study of the applications of digital and social media marketing management within organizations. This program serves marketing managers who want to understand a true integrated marketing approach to sales, brand management, promotion, and consumer behavior.

To obtain the certificate, students must complete the following four foundation marketing courses, a research and analytics course and a seminar course for a total of 18 hours:

Required Courses:
MKTG 5700 Contemporary Marketing Concepts
MKTG 5721 Digital Marketing Strategy and Measurement
MKTG 5722 Social Media Marketing Strategy
MKTG 5730 Clinical Study in Digital and Social Media Marketing
MKTG 5710 Consumer Motivation and Behavior (Research and Analytics Course)
MKTG 5731 Seminar Course in Digital and Social Media Marketing¹

Digital Marketing Course Descriptions


Digital Marketing Strategies and Measurement

 The advent of internet has created opportunities as well as threats to companies. This course provides students the theoretical understanding of the Internet marketplace necessary to adapt to its many changes, while also introducing them to the real-world Internet marketing problems through real business cases. This course consists of three element: (1) lectures that cover basic concepts/theories of online marketing; (2) case analyses that apply the concepts to real-world online marketing problems; (3) online marketing simulation to provide hands-on experience. The following topics will be covered: (1) an overview of the digital landscape and status quo; (2) digital advertising and promotion including search advertising and display advertising; and (3) transitioning to digital: digital product, price, and place—the rest of the 4P’s of marketing.


Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social networks are becoming an integral part of the marketing mix. In these platforms, brands can engage with prospects and consumers on many levels. In this course you will learn how to create a brand presence on these social networks, understand the differences between earned and paid media, the various tools (free and paid) used to listen and engage with consumers, how we manage healthy communities, techniques used to identify influencers, crisis management, rules of engagement for high profile individuals and corporations, the importance of transparency, and the various ways engagement is measured.  Social networks to be discussed throughout the semester will include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.  Students will also learn how to create various forms of content for consumption by consumers on these platforms including livestreaming, video, blogs, podcasts, memes, and more.  Students will also become Hootsuite Certified by the end of the semester.  Various real life case projects and exercises will be assigned throughout the semester under the instructor's supervision.


Clinical Study in Digital and Social Media Marketing

In this capstone practicum course, students will be teamed up with various St. Louis nonprofits and startups. Students will assist these companies with their digital and social media strategies and plans. Students will conduct specific digital and social media project tasks including, among others, managing social media content and pushes, creating a social media presence, creation of a social media playbook, search engine marketing, paid search, web analytics and dashboard creation, landing page design, and assisting in the build of a WordPress blog.  This class will give students real hands on experience in the field of digital and social media marketing. This class will meet 4-6 times throughout the semester depending on the client workload.  Please contact instructor for specifics regarding the schedule for a given semester.


Special Seminars in Digital and Social Media Marketing

In this course, the students will be attending three one, two or three day intensive workshops covering various digital and social media marketing topics in depth.  Topics to be chosen from include CRM and Email Marketing strategy, Advanced Facebook Advertising, Google Analytics, Strategic Search Engine Marketing, Paid Search, LinkedIn Strategy, Data Analytics and Visualization, Video Production/Editing, and Podcasting Strategy.  All seminars are on various Fridays and Saturdays.  Contact the instructor for the exact schedule for these workshops.  Workshops can be chosen that meet your schedule needs.