Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence

UMSL's Understand Big Data: Business Intelligence Graduate Certificate program consists of a six-course sequence, comprising four required courses and two elective courses. Elective courses may be taken in either of five areas of concentration.

Required Courses:
INFSYS 6833 Decision Support Systems for Business Intelligence (3)
INFSYS 6849 Data Warehouse Design and Implementation1 (3) OR INFSYS 6860: Data Integration2 (3)
INFSYS 6851 Practicum in Business Intelligence (3)
SCMA 6345 Business Analytics and Data Mining (3)

Areas of Concentration:

Select two classes from any of the five tracks below (both classes must be from the same concentration)3

Business Intelligence Infrastructure
INFSYS 6806 Managerial Applications Of Object-Oriented Technologies (3)
INFSYS 6808 Internet Programming (3) INFSYS 6840
INFSYS 6847 Project Management (3)
INFSYS 6848 Security and Information Systems (3)
INFSYS 6850 Information Systems Design (3) INFSYS 6860
INFSYS 6891 Seminar in Information Systems (Topic Subject to Approval) (3)
Digital Strategies
MKTG 5721 Digital Strategies (3)
MKTG 5795 Seminar in Marketing (Topic Subject to Approval) (3)
Possible Topics Text Mining and Analysis of Social Media
Predictive Analytics
SCMA 5312 Advanced Statistical Methods for Managerial Decisions (3)
ECON 5110 Topics In Applied Econometrics (3)
ECON 5120 Advanced Topics In Time Series Econometrics (3)
ECON 5130 Advanced Topics In Business And Economic Forecasting (3)
Prescriptive Analytics
SCMA 5354 Simulation for Managerial Decision Making (3)
SCMA 6330 Business Logistics Systems (3)
SCMA 6331 Supply Chain Operational Modeling (3)
SCMA 6350 Management Science Methods (3)
SCMA 6395 Seminar (Topic Subject to Approval) (3)
Possible Topics Algorithms and Analytics for Logistics Mathematical Programming and Network Optimization
Advanced Computation
CMP SCI 4300 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (3)
CMP SCI 4340 Introduction to Machine Learning (3)
CMP SCI 5320 Introduction to Evolutionary Computation (3)
CMP SCI 6340 Genetic Programming (3)

1 INFSYS 6849 (Data Warehouse Design and Implementation) is REQUIRED for students pursuing the BI Infrastructure track. These students may take INFSYS 6860 (Data Integration) as an elective.

2INFSYS 6860 (Data Integration) is REQUIRED for students pursuing the Predictive Analytics track. These students may take INFSYS 6849 (Data Warehouse Design and Implementation) as an elective.

3Students are responsible for any prerequisites to these classes.