The College of Business Administration at the University of Missouri - St. Louis currently offers 18-hour graduate certificate programs in six areas of business studies: business administration, business intelligence, cybersecuritydigital and social media marketing, human resources management, logistics and supply chain management, and marketing management. Students who finish one of the Graduate Certificate Programs in Business Studies receive formal recognition for completing a structured course of study.

Philosophy: The faculty and administration of the College of Business Administration recognize that there are many qualified students who would like to obtain the advanced knowledge available through graduate study which goes beyond a couple of classes, but that many of these same students are not interested in committing to a 30-60 hour graduate degree program. As well, we recognize that many qualified students would like to specialize in just one topic area without having to complete the entire core curriculum of a degree program. The Graduate Certificate Programs in Business Studies are intended to fill these voids and to allow qualified graduate students the opportunity to pursue a defined course of advanced study in a specialized business topic.

Completing the prescribed course of study in a graduate business certificate program leads to a certificate (officially granted by the university) only and not to a degree, but course work completed within one of these certificate programs can subsequently be transferred (if sufficiently current) to a graduate business degree program. Thus, all certificate students must meet the same admission requirements as degree seeking students and, while attending classes, all certificate students must be subject to the same university rules and policies (e.g., course prerequisites, academic probation policies, grade point requirements, etc.) as degree seeking students. Within classes, no special consideration or unique grading procedures is accorded certificate students. Students lacking required prerequisites or with a minimal mathematics background may need additional classes.

General Requirements: To be admitted to a graduate certificate program, students must have: (1) completed an accredited undergraduate degree program (in any subject) with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, (2) submitted a balanced Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score of 500 or higher, and (3) provided two letters of recommendation. Occasionally, students may be admitted on "restricted status" if they meet either the undergraduate GPA or the GMAT requirement but fall short on the other. In order to successfully complete a certificate program students must have earned a 3.0 cumulative GPA in certificate classes and, unless otherwise specified, the certificate programs must be completed within six years.

Specific Requirements: The six graduate certificate programs currently offered by the College of Business Administration are:

Business Administration
Business Intelligence
Digital and Social Media Marketing
Human Resources Management
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Marketing Management

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