Stay Competitive With a Digital & Social Media Marketing Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Digital and Social Media Marketing is an 18-hour program designed to provide a focused, intensive study of the applications of digital and social media marketing management within organizations. This program serves marketing managers who want to understand a true integrated marketing approach to sales, brand management, promotion, and consumer behavior.

To obtain the certificate, students must complete the following four “foundation” marketing courses, the “research and analytics” course and the “seminar” course for a total of 18 hours:

Marketing Foundation Courses:

MKTG 5700 Contemporary Marketing Concepts
MKTG 5721 Digital Marketing Strategy and Measurement
MKTG 5722 Social Media Marketing Strategy
MKTG 5730 Clinical Study in Digital and Social Media Marketing

Research and Analytics Course:

MKTG 5710 Consumer Motivation and Behavior

Seminar Course:

MKTG 5731 Seminars in Digital and Social Media Marketing¹

Learn How To Apply Today

1 In MKTG 5731 “Seminars in Digital and Social Media Marketing,” students are free to combine any three workshops from the list below.

The following topics include: