I) General Requirements

ECON 4105
Quantitative Methods and Modeling in Economics, Business and the Social Sciences
BA 5100
Managerial Communication
BA 5000
Economics for Managers
BA 5900
Law, Ethics, and Business
LOM 5300
Statistical Analysis for Management Decisions
BA 6990
Strategy Formulation and Implementation
18 hours

II) Core Requirements

ACCT 5400
Financial and Managerial Accounting
FIN 6500
Financial Management
MGMT 5600
Organizational Behavior and Administrative Processes
MKTG 5700
Contemporary Marketing Concepts
IS 5800
Management Information Systems
LOM 5320
Production and Operations Management
18 hours

III) Business Breadth Requirements*

ACCT 5401 Financial Reporting and Analysis
Any approved graduate level course beyond FIN 6500
Any approved graduate level course beyond MGMT 5600
Any approved graduate level course beyond MKTG 5700
Info. Systems:
Any approved graduate level course beyond IS 5800
Mgmt. Science:
Any approved graduate level course beyond LOM 5320
9 hours

IV) Emphasis Area/Electives

MBA students seeking an Emphasis in Finance must complete a minimum of 12 hours of Finance electives beyond FIN 6500.** One Finance course may apply toward the Business Breadth requirement, and the remainder toward the Elective requirement. The total number of elective courses required will depend on the number of hours waived. Students must complete at least 39 credit hours to earn the MBA degree.

9 hours

 Total: 54 hours

*In addition to an upper-level Finance course, students must choose courses from at least two other areas listed in Section III and must take at least one course in each of the functional areas while in the MBA program at UMSL.

**A maximum of 15 hours in any functional area will count toward the degree requirements.

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